Gea – It’s a (wo) man’s world


Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0

September 18th – October 11th 2015

Via Egidio Folli, 50 – Milan


The art of young contemporary artists continued to be the focus of the Mostrami Factory project so, with the autumn arrival, we proposed an exhibition based on the figure of Woman.


The Factory Folli 50.0 has opened the autumn season with the exhibition “Gea – It’s a (wo) man’s world”, which has hosted the works of over 20 artists in a new exhibition on the female figure: the woman not only as a generating force, but as vital impulse of the planet. The woman as a growth engine and driving force in the creation. Exaltation in the round, then, of all the different female intelligences. With this exhibition, Mostrami wanted to investigate the deep relationship that everyone has with the feminine hemisphere and femininity in all its forms and in all its nuances.

No identity il mio progetto in collaborazione con Valentina Albanese.


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